Council passes ordinance limiting water use


Source: City of Natchitoches

Mayor Ronnie Williams and the Natchitoches City Council held an Emergency Meeting Sunday, Feb. 21 regarding the impact winter weather conditions earlier in the week had on the Natchitoches Water System and the current status of water distribution to customers.

The Natchitoches City Council voted unanimously to declare a water emergency regarding the Natchitoches Water Distribution System and implement water conservation measures targeting non-essential uses by Resolution 017 of 2021.

This Emergency Resolution allows for certain non-essential uses of water to be restricted to ensure sufficient water is available to meet basic needs such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, toilet flushing and maintaining sufficient flows for fire protection.

The resolution recommended the following limitations and restrictions:

  • All outdoor irrigation, except for areas using reclaimed water. A schedule designating specific watering days may be implemented in place of a ban.
  • Washing of sidewalks, driveways, tennis courts, patios and other paved areas.
  • Outdoor use of water-based play apparatus.
  • A minimum operating efficiency level of two cycles of concentration is required for water-cooled space and equipment cooling systems.
  • Restaurants and other food service establishments are strongly advised against serving water provided by the city to customers.
  • Operation of outdoors misting systems used to cool public areas.
  • Filling of swimming pools, fountain spas or other outdoor water features.
  • Washing of automobiles, trucks, trailers and other vehicles is strongly advised against, except at facilities equipped with wash water recirculation systems.
  • Industrial clients are urged to scale back production as much as is practical.

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