Water Problems?

Royal Street

Residents can’t drink the water or flush their toilets yet, but at least their cars are clean. Scenes such as the ones above have many residents, well, steaming. At least four car washes around town, two on Keyser Avenue, one on Washington Street and one on Royal Street, were fully operational Tuesday when a resident snapped these photos.

Washington Street

Many homes and businesses, as well as schools, the hospital and NSU remain without water, or with low pressure, at the time these photos were taken. The Times fielded numerous calls concerning the matter.

Keyser Avenue

A spokesperson with the City of Natchitoches said, “We are in a much better situation with our water system, but are still restoring water to remaining customers who are still without. The car washes around town have definitely been a hot topic during this outage. The resolution was a plea to those owners to cease operation until services could be restored however carries no legal precedent in which the city could shut them down. For those who have been without water, me included, this has been hard to witness.”

In Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021, print edition