NSU's Health and Human Performance Building

Exercise your body and mind by dancing to lively, upbeat music. Line Dancing is a fun way to dance socially without a dance partner. Dancing styles covered in this class will include Country Western, Zydeco, Hip-Hop.  (No dance experience required).

*Safe distancing and facial covering are required.

Date:                March 2-April 6, Tuesdays

Time:               5:30 – 7 p.m.

Fee:                  $65

Location:         127 Health & Human Performance Building (Old PE Majors)

Instructor:        Wanda & Avila Kahey

Attire:              Casual clothes/Soft soled shoes required

For more information or to register for classes, go to checkout.nsula.edu or call (800)376-2422 or (318)357-6355.