NPD arrests as of Feb. 25, 2021


Arrests as of Feb. 25

Antonio Taylor, b/m, 31 unauthorized entry into a place of business, obstruction of public passage, battery on an officer, resisting.

James Williams, b/m, 32, theft

Marvin Blake, b/m, 33, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Nicholas Bynog, w/m, 40, felony theft


Cory Christenson, w/m, 33, possession of sch. II (meth)

Chasity Sullivan, w/f, 28, Campti, theft


Justin Kidd, w/m, 23, Robeline, possession of sch. I (Ecstasy)

Lakisha Jackson, b/f, 42, disturbing the peace by fighting, simple criminal damage to property.

Kenneth De’Aundre Davis, b/m, 21, possession of marijuana

Shafonda Murphy, b/f, 38, Shreveport, armed robbery, armed robbery with a firearm, simple battery of the infirmed, theft of a motor vehicle.

Derek D. Bernstine, b/m, 41, DWI-2nd offense, improper passing, no driver’s license, warrant through Austin, Texas, parole division.


Broderick Brown, b/m, 24, simple assault, criminal damage to property, theft


Adarius Sims, b/m, 20, illegal possession of stolen firearms, simple possession of marijuana, obstruction o justice, and 7 counts FTA

Calvin Newton, b/m, 2 counts resisting, simple assault

Jordan LaCaze, b/m, 20, possession of stolen firearm

Austin Johnson, b/m, 21, theft, simple possession of marijuana

Meagan Malcolm, w/f, 30, Pineville, theft

Desmond Jackson, b/m, 35, Zwolle, theft

Brittany Jett, w/f, 34, Many, theft

Kelly Johnson, w/f, 32, Oakdale, simple battery

Dexter Aught Jr.

Dexter Aught, b/m, 24, domestic abuse battery, 3 counts illegal use of CDS in presence of minors, criminal damage to property, possession of marijuana, 3 counts FTA

Kendrick Cox, b/m, 29, disturbing the peace by fighting

Matthew Peace, b/m, 51, disturbing the peace by fighting

John Johnson, w/m, theft

Elizabeth Sanders, w/f, 20, Cloutierville, theft

Joshua Shaver, w/m, 38, 2 counts FTA,

Gleamris Williams, b/f, 54, theft

Jeffery Washington, b/m, 50, simple criminal damage to property


Brandie Roll, b/f, 37, simple criminal damage to property, 2 counts aggravated battery, criminal damage to property.

Albert Law, b/m, 31, disturbing the peace by language

Jeremy Walker, w/m, 22, simple battery

Xary Triminis, h/f, 21, theft

Isabella Limbis, h/f, 20, theft

Dominique Sowell, b/m, 30, burglary of a vehicle

Dinesha Matlock, b/m, 31, possession of sch. I

Taylor Chalk, b/f, 20, 2 counts theft

Keiayra Galloway, b/f, 27, theft, possession of cds II, possession of CDS IV, FTA

Michael Matthews, w/m, 35, Ashland, disturbing the peace by intoxication.

Myreah Howard, b/f, 26, simple battery

Deaida Duncan, b/f, 25, simple battery LaTroy Emmett, b/m, 33, disturbing the peace by language

Hydia Bredford, b/f, 21, theft

Lashawnda Newton, b/f, 31, bank fraud


Cortez Duncantel, b/m, 27, possession of sch. I CDS, possession of marijuana

Ebonie Slate, b/f, 30, Natchez, FTA

Jerry Craig, b/m, 33, remaining after being forbidden


Clarence Jenkins, b/m, 19, disturbing the peace

Cody Foster, b/m, 36, criminal mischief

Michael Sam, b/m, 39, 2 counts possession of sch. I (marijuana and ecstasy)


Demetrice Jackson, b/f, 26, 2 counts possession of sch. I (marijuana and ecstasy)

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