Flatlining sales taxes finally begin to show new life


The Natchitoches Tax Commission collected nearly $3.5 million in sales tax during December according to the January report issued by Administrator Jerry McWherter. The exact number was $3,427,705. That included $1,175,014 for the City, $1,928,615 for the school board and $324,076 for Parish Government.

The Natchitoches Parish School Board numbers were off slightly from the same month in 2020 but still shows steady increase over last year’s collections for an upward trend.

Finance Supervisor Lee Waskom says the distributions were at a healthy 13 percent increase in June and a 13 percent increase in July but dropped dramatically in August to a minus 9 percent. The recent report shows that distributions are up by 8.32 percent, showing them beginning to climb again rather than remaining flat. The December distribution was $1,928,615 million, $160,419 more than the same month in 2020. The one-cent salary enhancement tax collections were up $61,000 over the January of 2020, or a total collection of $775,831.

Parish Government showed a big increase in collections, 12.8 percent, or $36,752 more than spent in December of 2019.

The City collection in December was $1,175,015, up 8.98 percent from November. That was $105,434 more than November of 2019.

In the Thursday, March 4, 2021, print edition