Just Talkin’ for March 4, 2021


As of today…the NSU Demons will be in action at Turpin Stadium on Saturday night. That’s right…what should be a time for spring practices is actually a real season. The Demons, who did not have a fall football campaign, will face Nicholls State at 6 p.m. Nicholls has two games under their belt while the Demons are having their first outing. Never mind Nicholls is 2-0…we are undefeated as well. Be sure to dress for temperatures in the 50s. Although it might be a little cool, JT wants to remind you to practice social distancing. JT doesn’t foresee that as a problem… after all that’s a pretty big stadium.


The NSU campus will be pretty busy Saturday with two basketball games at Prather Coliseum (the NSU women play University of Central Arkansas at 11 a.m. and the men play UCA at 1 p.m.) Then at 2 p.m. the Demon baseball team faces Austin Peay at Stroud Field. Then football follows a few hours later. If you bleed purple…this is a day for you.


JT was reading a story the other day about another state legislature approving the legalization of marijuana for more than just medicinal purposes. He does know several people that swear by its use for pain and other ailments. Fortunately, our legislators felt the same way and they gave it the go ahead for medical treatment. What really caught JT’s attention in the article about the legislature in Virginia was that the writer said it was the first “southern state” to legalize marijuana. How can a state over 1,000 miles away from Louisiana (over 15 hours driving) and only 180 miles (less than three hours driving time) from Washington, DC, be a southern state? Obviously, the writer of the story was not a “real” southerner. That’s would be us folks born from Tennessee to Texas and east to the Atlantic Ocean…who talk normal while their speech is a little weird. Naturally, JT had to “Google” it. Seems the blame lies with the US Census Bureau who said there are 16 states that make up the southern region of the US. Basically, it travels down the East Coast and through the Gulf Coast to Texas. It just reminds JT how screwed up those folks in Washington, DC, are.


JT is flabbergasted at what people can be offended by these days—especially the fact that some actually take them seriously. First, there was a gender issue with a potato. Now, the classics are coming under fire, and JT isn’t talking about Shakespeare. Seems there is an issue with Dr. Seuss books, and the controversy conveniently comes out on Dr. Seuss’s birthday, March 2, when schools across the nation are promoting literacy. School children are wearing Dr. Seuss shirts and costumes to promote reading. All the while someone, somewhere with nothing better to do is getting offended by yet another fictional character. What is this country coming to?

In the Thursday, March 4, 2021, print edition