Musician’s works discovered by UFC fighter


By Hannah Richardson

If you’re an aspiring artist, writer or musician, any kind of publicizing of your works is extremely exciting. One local musician had this dream realized when a UFC fighter took an interest in his song, “Underdog.”

Peyton Long, aka P-Moneyy, of Pleasant Hill is the creator of “Underdog.” He has been creating music off and on for about nine years, but has gotten more consistent in the last few years. His style is influenced by other Louisiana natives such as Kevin Gates, Boosie and Lil Wayne and he has taught himself how to mix and record his music. He started out recording in his homemade studio and released projects throughout his high school career, but his operation has grown and made several connections in the music industry. He has also been in the U.S. Navy for around 8-9 years and is currently stationed in Jacksonville, Fla.

Long has been a fan of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Shana “Danger” Dobson. He was inspired by her journey in the UFC world and thus created the rap song “Underdog.” Long contacted her on Instagram and told her he wrote a song for her. “I felt so honored and didn’t know what to expect,” said Dobson. “I was in the airport headed to Vegas for fight week and it hyped me up! It had an awesome flow and it really touched my heart because I am a underdog just trying to show who I am in this sport. I bumped the track all fight week during my training sessions.”

Dobson shared how she related to her new favorite song. “I think in the hook when P-Moneyy says ‘you can knock me down but you can’t count me out watch me go for mine I ain’t never backing down.’ That is literally me, my career and my grind. I have made so many sacrifices for my career and for my skill. It’s like P-Moneyy knew my climb and understands my journey.”

Dobson said “Underdog” has been her trigger to turn on her fighting persona “Danger” and puts her in the mood to fight. She has chosen “Underdog” as her walkout song for her next fight. You can find P-Moneyy and his music on websites such as iHeartRadio, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc.