Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for March 6-7, 2021


You couldn’t see it because of the mask…but JT had a big ole smile on his face last Thursday morning. He felt like he had won the lottery.

That’s because JT was in the lobby of Sabine State Bank on the bypass. He didn’t have to call ahead for an appointment or beat on the door to be let in. The sign on the door said it all “Lobby Open.”

After nearly a year of financial institutions across the state having to shut down their lobbies because of COVID….Gov. John Bel Edwards moved us to Phase III and the doors were opened.

Maybe…just maybe…we are inching toward the “good ole days.”


JT sees that former LSU Coach Les Miles is the subject of an investigation claiming inappropriate behavior with female students while at LSU. The investigation by a Baton Rouge Law Firm was eight years ago and reportedly secretly kept under wraps.

JT hates to say it….but that is not the first time the football team members have been involved in cases of “inappropriate” behavior.

If any of these reports have any validity to them…they are horrendous. Immediate and punitive action should be sooner rather than later.

On a lighter side…JT believes he knows the source of all this behavior.

It’s the grass at Tiger Stadium. That’s right, Les Miles has been known to eat the grass at Tiger Stadium. In fact, he even made a commercial showing him eating grass off the field.

It only stands to reason that some of the hard-hitting tackles at Tiger Stadium have resulted in our players doing a little grass eating themselves during their time at LSU.

Therefore, if players and coaches are both acting this way…the common denominator is the grass. LSU must be putting some type of chemical on the grass that makes you do stupid things when you eat it. It’s kind of like drinking Tequila.


Next Saturday is the last day to vote early for the March 20 election.

The ballot is light…so if you run into the Registrar of Voters Office at the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse…it shouldn’t take long.

You can vote from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Everyone gets to vote on a replacement for Tony Davis, who resigned the District 4 Board of Elementary and Secondary Education seat. But only those voters in the Village of Goldonna can vote on a 10-year tax proposition.

Please vote…either before Saturday or on March 20.


JT consistently checks out newspapers across the state to see what is happening. One paper had JT rocking back in his chair as his eyeballs popped and his jaw dropped. Imagine his shock at seeing — well, a nude man — on the front of the Shreveport Times. Yes, nude. He had a sign saying “Fat City” discreetly covering his unmentionables. It was something JT just can’t unsee.

If the Shreveport Times wanted a shock factor, they got it. It’s one front page JT won’t soon forget, and not entirely for any of the right reasons.


JT and staff are sad to say farewell to Police Chief Micky Dove. He’s retiring after a long and honest tenure with City Police. We wish him well.


JT learned something this week. That is a good thing, learning. There is a story in today’s paper about the Coroner’s office and their caseload for the past year. One thing JT did not know was they don’t have a budget per say. The coroner is paid a stipend/salary, but the office operates on a per case basis. They bill their services much like a physician bills for services. If they handle a case in parish, they bill for it. If they handle a case associated with another parish, they bill that parish. It operates more like a business than a governmental entity and it works well for them.