Spring Arrives

In the weekend, March 13-14, 2021, print edition

Front Street was ready for last weekend’s Bloomin’ on the Bricks! This week, beautiful flowers were planted along the sidewalk, signaling the spring season. Pictured is Vickie Prothro of Austin, Texas, who was so excited to get a chance to see the blooms during her visit in the city on Thursday. These spring flowers survived more than just the recent freezing storm; they also survived the collapsing of the building that housed them. Thanks to the dedication of city workers, the 3,000 pots that held 2/3 of the total amount of bulbs were carefully pulled out and saved, with only 25 pots lost. Over 23,000 bulbs were placed in the downtown district this week for Bloomin’ on the Bricks visitors to behold. Knowing what these blooms went through makes them even more vibrant in the eyes of those that appreciate the beautification efforts in Natchitoches. Tulips of different variations can also be found on the riverbank, Front Street and Second street, and they will be switched out over the next month to showcase the colorful flowers for as long as possible.

Photos by Hannah Richardson