City draws widely varied businesses, from DQ to a crematorium

swimming pool

One of the more interesting items in the February building permits is one secured by Mursimco Inc., for the foundation for a crematorium at Blanchard St. Denis Funeral Home. Mursimco President Michael “Mike” Murphy said he expects the facility to open in April. The company has a similar operation at its Houma location. Murphy said the main reason for the cremation service is to offer convenience to families planning funerals.

It will take a shorter time since cremations are now done in Shreveport. According to the February report issued by Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque, her office issued 60 permits with a valuation of $2.5 million.

Seamless Gutters

There were two sizeable commercial permits obtained in the City Planning and Zoning Office during February although one is already building is under construction.

Whataburger, 902 Keyser Ave., obtained a permit with a valuation of $1.3 million. The company broke ground March 2 and plans to open in May.

Dairy Queen obtained a permit with a valuation of $318,000 for commercial addition and alterations at 5386 University Parkway. That location was formerly a Burger King and Ribfins restaurant.

The other permits and their valuations were issued to:

•The Loft, 530 Front St., A, sign, $300


Quality Inn

•Metro Lodging, 5362 University Parkway, Quality Inn, sign, $15,000

•Red Sky Adventures LLC, The Mariner’s, commercial roof, $12,447

•Imogene Maddox,109 Isadore, residential roof, $24,136

•Lakeview V. Limited Partnership, 500 Lakeview Dr., commercial roof, $125,000

•Norman Tate, 615 Watson, residential addition and alterations, $5,500

•Donna Nelson, 902 East Fifth, residential addition and alterations, $10,000

•Charles D. Lagrange, 220 Younger Blvd., commercial roof, $14,500

•K&W Investments, 140 South Dr., commercial roof, $46,830

•Natchitoches Parish Hospital, 501 Keyser, commercial addition and alterations, $120,000

•Apex Land LLC, 106 Boudreraux, residential electrical, $850


•Tony Saba, 1517 Williams, demolition permit, $2,000


•Popeye’s Famous Fried Chicken, 218 South Dr., commercial roof, $23,847

•TWTMGT LLC, 600 Keyser, commercial alteration and addition, $6,000

•L&T Family Homes LLC, 945 Woodyard, residential repair $800

•Huntington Court Reporters, 225 Touline, residential repair, $1,000

•JMD Group LLC, 109 South Dr., commercial addition and alterations, $29,910

swimming pool

•Jason Dean 1801 Williams, swimming pool, $65,000

•Christopher Howard, 102 Morgan Lane, new, other structure, residential, $20,000

•Brian Turner, 900 St. Clair, residential electrical, $7,000

•Verizon Wireless, 707 Keyser, HVAC commercial repair, $5,400

swimming pool

•Charles E. Harrington, 603 St. Clair, swimming pool, $61,541

•David Deiterman, 1010 Williams, boat house, $39,000

•Mursimco Inc., 848 Keyser, crematorium, $120,000

El Nopal

•Vargas Properties, 115 South Dr., commercial additions and alterations, $47,000

•James Worthan, 1538 Adams, residential electrical, $450


•TXULF Holdings LLC, 105 Isadore, commercial roof, $21,000

•Ida Davis, 440 Fairgrounds Road, residential electrical repair, $850

•Larry Petite, 520 Winona, residential repair, $1,400


•Randall Keator, 416 Williams, residential roof, $12,670

•Ronnie Poche, 209 Ralph, sign, $2,862


•Ralph C. Ingram Jr., 905 Williams, demolition permit, $2,000

•Jamaica Solitaire, 1815 South Dr., residential repair, $300

•Jacalyn Babineaux, 407 Winona, residential repair electrical, $700

•John G. Donlon, 460 Stephens, residential repair, $682