City draws widely varied businesses, from DQ to a crematorium


One of the more interesting items in the February building permits is one secured by Mursimco Inc., for the foundation for a crematorium at Blanchard St. Denis Funeral Home. Mursimco President Michael “Mike” Murphy said he expects the facility to open in April. The company has a similar operation at its Houma location. Murphy said the main reason for the cremation service is to offer convenience to families planning funerals.

It will take a shorter time since cremations are now done in Shreveport. According to the February report issued by Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque, her office issued 60 permits with a valuation of $2.5 million.

There were two sizeable commercial permits obtained in the City Planning and Zoning Office during February although one is already building is under construction.

Whataburger, 902 Keyser Ave., obtained a permit with a valuation of $1.3 million. The company broke ground March 2 and plans to open in May.

Dairy Queen obtained a permit with a valuation of $318,000 for commercial addition and alterations at 5386 University Parkway. That location was formerly a Burger King and Ribfins restaurant.

The other permits and their valuations were issued to:

•The Loft, 530 Front St., A, sign, $300


Quality Inn

•Metro Lodging, 5362 University Parkway, Quality Inn, sign, $15,000

•Red Sky Adventures LLC, The Mariner’s, commercial roof, $12,447

•Imogene Maddox,109 Isadore, residential roof, $24,136

•Lakeview V. Limited Partnership, 500 Lakeview Dr., commercial roof, $125,000

•Norman Tate, 615 Watson, residential addition and alterations, $5,500

•Donna Nelson, 902 East Fifth, residential addition and alterations, $10,000

•Charles D. Lagrange, 220 Younger Blvd., commercial roof, $14,500

•K&W Investments, 140 South Dr., commercial roof, $46,830

•Natchitoches Parish Hospital, 501 Keyser, commercial addition and alterations, $120,000

•Apex Land LLC, 106 Boudreraux, residential electrical, $850


•Tony Saba, 1517 Williams, demolition permit, $2,000


•Popeye’s Famous Fried Chicken, 218 South Dr., commercial roof, $23,847

•TWTMGT LLC, 600 Keyser, commercial alteration and addition, $6,000

•L&T Family Homes LLC, 945 Woodyard, residential repair $800

•Huntington Court Reporters, 225 Touline, residential repair, $1,000

•JMD Group LLC, 109 South Dr., commercial addition and alterations, $29,910

swimming pool

•Jason Dean 1801 Williams, swimming pool, $65,000

•Christopher Howard, 102 Morgan Lane, new, other structure, residential, $20,000

•Brian Turner, 900 St. Clair, residential electrical, $7,000

•Verizon Wireless, 707 Keyser, HVAC commercial repair, $5,400

swimming pool

•Charles E. Harrington, 603 St. Clair, swimming pool, $61,541

•David Deiterman, 1010 Williams, boat house, $39,000

•Mursimco Inc., 848 Keyser, crematorium, $120,000

El Nopal

•Vargas Properties, 115 South Dr., commercial additions and alterations, $47,000

•James Worthan, 1538 Adams, residential electrical, $450


•TXULF Holdings LLC, 105 Isadore, commercial roof, $21,000

•Ida Davis, 440 Fairgrounds Road, residential electrical repair, $850

•Larry Petite, 520 Winona, residential repair, $1,400


•Randall Keator, 416 Williams, residential roof, $12,670

•Ronnie Poche, 209 Ralph, sign, $2,862


•Ralph C. Ingram Jr., 905 Williams, demolition permit, $2,000

•Jamaica Solitaire, 1815 South Dr., residential repair, $300

•Jacalyn Babineaux, 407 Winona, residential repair electrical, $700

•John G. Donlon, 460 Stephens, residential repair, $682