Four NSU students place in state Microsoft Office competition


Four Northwestern State University students were among the top finishers in the 2020 Microsoft Office Specialist Louisiana State Championships.

Brandon Marler, a sophomore computer information systems major from Covington, finished first in Microsoft Word and Covie Latham, a freshman music business major from Beckville, Texas, was third. Marler qualified for the national championship competition, but the event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

In Microsoft Excel, Trey Wagy, a sophomore accounting major from Lufkin, Texas, was second and Taveon Morrison, a junior computer information systems major from Shreveport, finished third.

Marler, Wagy and Morrison were taught by Mary Beth Tarver. Latham was taught by Don Rider.

The competition was on Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019. Students are required to take the MOS Exam in Word 2019 for Business Administration 1800 and the MOS Exam in Excel 2019 for CIS 2000 as their final exam in the classes. Those taking the MOS Exam are automatically entered in state competition.

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