Road Report


The Parish Government Highway Dept., spent $21,727 on equipment and wages on debris removal during February according to Public Works director Johnny Salard’s report to the Parish Council. After Hurricane Laura, the department spent $1,496 on labor and $1,616 on equipment. After the ice and snow, expenses were $187 in material costs, $8,694 on labor and $9,731 on equipment.

Parish President John Richmond commended the highway department for delivering 46 pallets of water to fire districts for distribution. Of the total 129 jobs performed in February, many were done during the snowfall. The total cost for the 129 jobs, including equipment and labor, was $136,994. That included 181,512 feet done and 34.377 miles.

In the Weekend, March 20-21, 2021, print edition

A project preconstruction meeting was held about Fish Hatchery Road and field survey work will be gin within about two weeks. Weather permitting, construction is expected to begin this month. A portion of Martco Road has been submitted for relocation due to movement of lower Cane River.

Funding is expected to come from the State through Capital Outlay. Project timelines are being developed and discussion has begun for the acquisition of property for right-of-way. Road Pulverization has been delayed because of wet weather.

As updates are available, they will be communicated according to Parish President John Richmond’s report. The residents of Harmony Road are working to arrange a town hall meeting to discuss the addition of Harmony Road to the list.