Parish building permits top $436k


The Parish Government Planning and Zoning Commission issued 36 building permits with a valuation of $436,000 according to the February report issued by Interim Director David Kees. The Parish received $3,466 in building fees. Of the 36 permits, 24 were for electrical connections, flood map determinations or other minor buildings that are charged no fees.

In the Thursday, March 25, 2021, print edition

Permits that require fees were issued to:

Seamless Gutters

•D&J Development/James Greer, residential new construction, 2630 Hwy. 494, $150,000

•Ronnie West, residential manufactured home, 148 Arneida Camp Road, $15,000

•Patricia Simpson, residential manufactured home, 996 Hwy. 484, $113,000

•Daniel Collins, roof and deck, 9055 Texas St., $5,000

•Cane River Pools and Spas, 154 Plantation Point, swimming pool, $65,000

•Jackie Brown, residential manufactured home, 1652 Harmony Road, $41,000

•Harlea Teekel, residential manufactured home, 10056 Hwy. 120, $60,000

•Danny and Judy Matt, 186 Little River Road residential camp, $60,000

•Karen Boudreaux, residential manufactured home, 855 Hwy. 487, $20,000

•Angela Williams, residential manufactured home, 304 GR Bardwell Road, $22,000

•Carroll Poche II, residential detached building, 2770 Hwy. 119, $35,000