State Powerlifting Meet Results

Captain Kara Pulling placed second in the 181 pound weight class. She lifted a squat of 320 pounds, benched 170 deadlifted 330 for an 820 pound total. Jayda White is the 5A State Champion in the 123 pound weight class. She had a squat of 270 pounds, benched 135 and a dead lift of 265 for a 670 pound total. Mackenzie Johnson is the 5A State Champion in the 132 pound weight class. Her squat was 285 pounds followed by a bench press of 140 and a dead lift of 320 for a total of 745 pounds lifted. Sharissa Johnson took second place in the Super Heavyweight division with a 470 pound squat, 205 pound bench press and a dead lift of 380. Her three lift total was 1,055 pounds. Mackenzie Rachal placed fifth in the 114 pound class, Olutumike Adeleye placed sixth in the 220 division and Branteal Layton was eighth in Super Heavyweight. Submitted by Marsha Daugherty
From left are Coach Fred Jackson, Coach Derek Toro, James Jackson, Coach John Daugherty, Colin Moran and Coach Michael Wilson at the state meet.
James Jackson and Colin Moran both placed third in the 5-A State Powerlifting Meet at ULM. Jackson finished with a 570 pound squat, 320 bench and 530 pound dead lift for a total of 1,420 pounds. He competed in the 242 pound weight class. Moran squatted 410 pounds, bench pressed 200 and dead lifted 405 for a total of 1,015 pounds. He was in 132 pound weight class.
Third in State…Lady Chiefs take home the bronze overall at the state powerlifting meet. From left are Coach Derek Toro, Branteal Layton, Captain Kara Pullig, Jayda White, Coach John Daugherty, Mackenzie Johnson, Sharissa Johnson, Mackenzie Rachal, Olutumike Adeleye, Coach Fred Jackson, Coach Michael Wilson and Coach Jon Paul Henderson.
In the Thursday, March 25, 2021, print edition