Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for March 26-27, 2021


JT can’t help it, but he gets all kind of bent out of shape when we have low voter turnout. In the BESE election last Saturday, only 8.7 percent of the voters cared enough to vote. That’s embarrassing… no other way to explain it. In a parish hovering around the 40,000-population mark….only 2,200 voted. You can’t make a better case that something has to change.

JT realizes that if a state issue is on the ballot then the state pays the bill and we piggyback our local issues. If another public agency puts an item on the ballot, JT believes they, too have an election cost of some sort. It costs the parish the same amount of money, no matter if we have 2,000 people voting or 20,000. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper on these one or two item ballots to allow only absentee voting and possibly mailing a ballot out to all eligible voters.

JT has heard compliments on our election process in Natchitoches Parish from local officials. The problem doesn’t seem to be the process or the machines…it’s the participation. And isn’t that what has been the focus statewide for a number of years. Guess what…that’s not working.


You may not be a fan of Sen.ator John Kennedy….but he sure can use a few words to get to the root of an issue. Earlier this week, while talking about measures before the Senate to implement some form of gun control, he said there’s already a registry of gun owners. Unfortunately, it’s got a lot of holes in it and various agencies responsible for updating the data base are not doing their part. He believes eliminating those holes would go a long way in strengthening the registry and keeping guns out of the hands of people that shouldn’t be allowed to purchase one. But the Senator was succinct in his response to a question about the bill before the Senate. He said, “We don’t need more gun control, we need more idiot control.”


JT came across this piece of insight and it really fits him. Now he’s making a list of others to send it to. “Sometimes, my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut.”

In the Weekend, March 27-28, 2021, print edition