Just Talkin’ for April 1, 2021


Looking at the amendments the city has made to the budget reflects a good picture of how much our local economy has struggled due to COVID. Posey PARC, which was constructed under the theme “If you build it they will come”…had to have a $200,000 infusion of city funds. With Northwestern campus closed for several months due to COVID, our utility sales were down $1.2 million. It got JT to wondering…how much was necessary for the city to balance the Event’s Center budget or what was the effect on the funding deal with the downtown hotel.


Speaking of the PARC, JT noticed the design team got an award for the facility. JT even saw a picture on social media of Mayor Ronnie Williams on hand for the acceptance of the award. The article about the award had no mention of Mayor Lee Posey, the former mayor, who spearheaded, found the funding and built the PARC. There’s a saying that goes, “All debts are paid at the grave.” JT guesses the same hold true in politics that when your term in office is up, the next man (or woman) up gets to accept the credit.


In the Thursday, April 1, 2021, print edition

The NSU Demons will play their last home game of the COVID season here tonight (Thursday). The Demons will host Sam Houston State at 6 p.m. Sam Houston is 3-0 and leading the Southland Conference while the Demons are 0-3. It’s hard to take a winless season since we have had victory in our grasps in all of our games despite our self-inflicted, painful plays. A loss stings..no matter if it’s three points or 50 points. JT’s still not going to give up on our Demons. You know how baseball has Fall Ball and the records don’t really count. We’ll we are taking the same approach to this Spring schedule. In football though…unlike some other sports….it’s all about winning.


JT just loves to see the blooming dogwoods around town. Everything is greener…even the pollen…but the good news is Spring is finally here. Even though you think you are ok, JT thinks you so still go to the grocery store and pick up an extra dozen eggs…even if you don’t dye eggs anymore. JT hasn’t had little ones around for some time now, so he doesn’t know if people are still into the colored eggs. To him, though, the egg dying process was as much fun as finding the eggs.