Author Brian Sanders shares life lessons from father in new novel

Brian Sanders and father Marion "Jack" Sanders

The experiences we go through and lessons we learn in our early life play a huge part in shaping us into who we are today. One man has turned the life lessons he learned from his father into a novel, and has hopes its words will have a positive impact on readers.

Brian Sanders, an NSU alumnus and Coushatta native, released his second book April 5, about his dad, the late Marion “Jack” Sanders, who also has deep local roots. “Be Like Dad: 50 Stories for Life & Leadership” is a journey through a father’s heart with timeless wisdom, locally-based humor and poignant moments.

The book introduces readers to Sanders’ father, Marion “Jack” Sanders, who was said to be a one-of-a-kind, self-made man who made a lasting impression on his son and his community.

After Jack’s passing in 2018, Sanders set out to write down some of the lessons he learned growing up. He realized that the stories, sayings and quips that were so engrained in his childhood were nuggets of truth worth sharing with the world. Jack told stories, lived by timeless values and had a wit and wisdom all his own.

Sanders’ 2019 work, “Leadership Endurance,” hit #1 on Amazon’s Christian Leadership Best Seller List and is now in its third printing. The book draws inspiration from God’s word, as well as some of the greatest leaders of all time, including Lincoln, Grant, Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “Be Like Dad: 50 Stories for Life & Leadership” captures just some of the leadership and life lessons Sanders learned from his father while growing up in Louisiana.

“On a scale of Jesus to John Wayne, he leaned more towards John Wayne,” said Sanders. He said that while his father wasn’t a saint, it was an honor to be his son.

Sanders wishes for readers to take away the life lessons he received from his father to improve on their own lives. Sanders shared that what he didn’t expect was the amount of people that came to him, who didn’t have a great father like he did, and told him they wished they could have “adopted” his father. The book is full of leadership and life lessons for those seeking that wise fatherly advice. There are 50 lessons about not giving up, facing reality and enduring through hardships. His father, Jack, had crippling arthritis but you never saw him complain. Jack kept a strict regiment but never picked on or put pressure on his son. Whenever Sanders ran into conflicts in Coushatta during high school, his father “handled it.” No fighting was ever involved in conflicts and Sanders was shaped by his father’s disciplined style of life.

“If it wasn’t for my father, I wouldn’t be the man that I am today,” said Sanders.

Sanders, who is passionate about leadership to this day, serves as the Executive Vice-President of Positive Alternative Radio where he leads the team that runs five of the most award-winning and fastest growing Christian radio stations in America. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and English from Northwestern State University and has 59 hours toward a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with his wife, Kayla.

“Be Like Dad” is available at or on Amazon.