An Editorial: Times endorses solid waste tax renewal


We have beat the drum loudly over the past few years about the lack of participation we are seeing from our citizenry not voting in local elections. It doesn’t matter if we have one issue on the ballot or a dozen, we should not take our privilege to vote lightly. There’s a critical issue facing this parish right now that needs voter approval on April 24. That’s the renewal tax for the Natchitoches Parish Solid Waste Department.

This article published in the Thursday, April 15, 2021, print edition

This newspaper is asking you to join us in supporting the tax renewal.

We urge you to please vote for this renewal when you go to the polls to vote absentee or on Election Day later this month. This is a tax that has been renewed in 10-year increments for decades. This is not a new tax, it’s a renewal. Some may lead you to believe it’s a new tax because it slipped through the cracks and was not renewed last year when it should have been.

Since the tax expired, the parish has completely funded the Solid Waste System on an already stretched budget. This tax funds the maintenance and operation of a solid waste collection and disposal system for the parish. It pays the costs of bin sites, compactor sites and personnel for those sites as well as the operation of the parish landfill.

We simply cannot go back to the days where people just dump their trash or debris on the side of the road and drive off. We have some of that happening now and just imagine how unhealthy and disgusting the parish would look without these bin sites around the parish. The bonus to this tax proposal, as it has been in previous years, is that any excess revenue in operating the Solid Waste Program goes to the improvement of roads in our parish. Last year, the tax generated about a half million dollars that was dedicated to be spent on road improvements. We realize there are those who just don’t trust our parish officials and don’t want to vote for anything they propose.

We certainly can see where you are coming from but please don’t let some of their childish antics cloud your judgment on this important renewal vote. Instead, keep the good of the parish as your primary goal. This tax renewal is essential for our parish.

We urge you to go to the polls and vote for this parish wide proposition.