Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for April 17-18, 2021


Legislators are hashing out tax breaks and how taxes are collected in this session. The bill to create a single tax collector at the state level has already passed ine committee. This could mean the local tax commission will be relieved of some, if not all of its duties.

JT is not sure that having all the tax eggs placed into one basket run by the state is such a good idea. As it stands, if one has a question about taxes, he can contact Jerry McWherter and staff and get answers without a bunch of red tape. JT sees the red tape rolling out by the yard should the taxes be collected and disbursed by the state.


JT heard this week of a couple young entrepreneurs who took the pandemic lockdown and turned it into a learning experience and money-maker. Some young girls used their time to begin selling novelty items to family and friends.

Word spread and the “business” grew. In a year, the girls made enough to fund their first year of college. Wow….JT wishes governmental agencies could be as energetic, creative and frugal.


Melrose is this weekend and JT is excited to finally do something normal. He likes to be outside and look for gardening items and gifts for family and friends. Shopping outdoors sure beats being cooped up inside in the spring. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and provide good shopping weather so everyone can support the local vendors.