NPD arrests as of April 15, 2021


Kwane Roberson, b/f, 23, 2 counts FTA

Quenton Nash, b/m, 29, simple possession

Marquis Evans, b/m, 20, attempted second-degree murder

Michael Belton, b/m, 49, reckless operation, hit and run, theft of a motor vehicle

Shenthia Arthur, b/f, 39, simple possession of sch. I

Rodney Bennett, w/m, 56, possession of sch. II, turn signal required.


Jonathan Jackson, b/m, simple battery (2 counts) possession of a firearm by convicted felon

Emande Hollingsworth, b/f, discharge of a firearm in city limits

Charles Perrow, b/m, disturbing the peace by public intoxication

Brandon D. Kelly, b/m, 40, simple burglary

Luke Reed, w/m, 20, simple possession of sch. I

Derrick Brown, b/m, 44, burglary, possession of sch. II, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jerry Craig, b/m, 33, disturbing the peace

This article published in the Weekend, April 17-18, 2021, print edition