Road Report

Road Report

The Parish Government Highway Dept., performed 191 jobs during March according to the road-jobs-by-district report submitted by Public Works Director Johnny Salard. Those jobs represented 208,320 feet, 39.5 miles, $82,823 for equipment, $65,223 for materials, $40,447 for labor for a grand total of $188,494.

This article published in the Weekend, April 24-25, 2021, print edition

District 1 had two jobs consisting of cutting a tree blocking the road and installing a curve sign, both on Tauzin Island Road. The total was $607. Chris Paige is the Parish Council representative.

The department performed six jobs in District 2 that is represented by Patsy Ward-Hoover. Those jobs were on Laird Fletcher, Fish Hatchery, Lateral Lane, Patrick, Riverview Drive and Cedar Bend roads. The total money spent was $4,390.

Jim Kilcoyne represents District 3 and his roads are in the City limits. There was one job of adding cold mix on Blanchard Road that cost $8,114.

Marty Cheatwood has one of the two largest districts. District 4 had 82 jobs that cost a total of $56,112 with one-third being for debris removal. Other jobs included grading, blading, bush hogging, cutting limbs and ditching. Crews also worked on trash compactor sites at Campti, Holden, Ashland and Chestnut.

There were 100 jobs performed in District 5 represented by John Salter for a total of $119,268. Nearly one-fourth, or 23 jobs, were for debris removal. Other jobs were for blading, bridge repair, repairing a washout, cold mix patching, removing a tree, installing a culvert and work at compactor sites at Gorum and Derry.

Debris removal in Districts 4 and 5 mainly resulted from the snow and ice storm in mid-February. According to the report, the department graded 1.89 miles in District 2, 5.93 in District 4 and 31.62 in District 5. There was no grading in Districts 1 and 3. There were no emergency jobs in March.