Just Talkin’ for April 22, 2021


JT was at the Parish Council meeting Monday and was particularly amused at one comment by Council Chairman Chris Paige. And let it be said that Chris seldom says anything amusing at a council meeting. The discussion was about—-what else—-bad roads. “Now they’re hitting pot holes in the ditches!” Chris exclaimed.


A lot of speculation has been going on in our little town since the weekend announcement that Dr. Chris Maggio was retiring as NSU President. JT hates to see Chris leave. He and wife Jennifer have had the enthusiasm for NSU that can only be compared to that of the late Mayor Joe Sampite and his love for Natchitoches. The first flag was in the very beginning of the statement that said he was not being forced out. If that’s the case then why even mention it? There’s also a rumor going around that System President Dr. Jim Henderson (former NSU President) is jockeying for a similar position with the LSU System. IF that happens, NSU would lose a valuable ally.

JT has heard the name of Pat Jones, the university’s Chief Financial Officer, as a likely pick. Heck, Jerry Pierce, who has been at the University the longest, could actually hold the seat down for a few months. Someone even dropped the name of Athletic Department and Athletic Foundation Head Greg Burke, and he has been extremely active on social media. It takes about three months to conduct the search and name the next president which would run past Dr. Maggio’s retirement date of July 1.

And a lot will be read into the actions today in Baton Rouge. That’s when Dr. Henderson will name an interim President for our university. Like many of you, JT has his suspicions that the interim just might be the actual one. (It’s happened before.)


JT heard there were about 40 folks at the School Board’s Town Hall meeting in Provencal Tuesday night to discuss the proposed high school in that area of the parish. JT expects a whole lot more at the Marthaville meeting tonight. Everyone agrees there is a need for the school, but not everyone agrees where it should be built.