Local barber provides guidance and skills to CLTCC students

Student Sarah Cross, at left, gets hands-on experience with Barber Jorge Arellano during class on Monday, April 12.

By Hannah Richardson

With any career path, the right guidance is key.

Cosmetology students at the Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) were treated to a special demonstration with local barber Jorge Arellano Monday, April 12. During the class, he provided a thorough demonstration on his specialty, while also giving students advice on not only techniques, but on career aspirations and goals.

Arellano, beginning at age 13, would cut and find the right style for his own hair, and then he would give haircuts to his fellow classmates on school grounds. “Before football games, I would cut [hair] in the field house and that’s where it all started,” he said. Arellano graduated from Many High School in 2012.

He worked as an apprentice at All Tangled Up on Front Street and obtained his state barber license in 2020. When the hair salon unfortunately got caught up in the flames in the 2020 Front Street Fire, he and other stylists were taken in by the Hair Bar on Keyser Ave. Arellano is also planning on opening his own hair salon very soon.

Petula Holden, cosmetology instructor at CLTCC, said Arellano is a remarkable young man with great skills and talent in his profession as a professional licensed barber, and admired his leadership and personality in giving back and helping others succeed in this industry. She has invited Arellano to lead a class several times before this recent April class. As a barber specialist, he showed the CLTCC students how to use the right settings on clippers and where to cut and style by demonstrating his techniques on a mannequin head. A few students received some hands-on learning as Arellano assisted them with styling the mannequin.

Arellano also provided some advice career-wise to the cosmetology students, for example, finding a specialty and perfecting it to build a reputation. “You really have to stick to something and brand off of that. I feel that’s the best way to grow in this industry,” he said. Arellano also encourages those that are interested in the hair cutting and styling business to just go for it and to follow their dreams.

He also mentioned that in this day and age it’s very important to keep up a social media presence on various platforms. “Word-of-mouth is important, but social media has a big impact on how you create your brand as well. Every single social media platform has its own outlet to present yourself on it but every one is important in its own way.”

One takeaway Arellano wants students to take away from his demonstrational class is to learn how to be confident and know that it takes time to grow their skills. “I want to see people succeed and grow. If I can help in any way for people to grow, then I’m more than willing to share my knowledge that I’ve gained,” he said. His social media handle is jorges_fades.