Fish Hatchery Road replacement underway

Construction has begun to completely rework Fish Hatchery Road. Ditch work is the first step. Photo by Jim Rhodes

Bermuda and Fish Hatchery Road residents were told June 10 of last year that both roads, up to 10 miles total, will be completely replaced. Construction began this week on Fish Hatchery Road. Cane River Waterway Commission (CRWC) is funding the project through a cooperative endeavor agreement with Parish Government.

This article published in the Thursday, April 29, 2021, print edition

CRWC Commissioner Jim Rhodes said the $3.5-4 million project would benefit residents, governmental agencies, law enforcement, ambulance service and schoolchildren. Ditches, culverts, road base and asphalt are included. The CRWC chose to help rebuild this infrastructure. This, in turn, frees up parish equipment, labor and material resources that can now go to other areas of the parish.

In years past, the CRWC had projects that did not come to fruition so they had those funds available. Commissioners discussed what they could do to help and the subject of roads came up. Rhodes said they asked their legal advisors what could be done with the money that is generated from a millage on all property in the parish. He said they were told Bermuda Road was an option because it connects into Shell Beach boat launch and Fish Hatchery Road is a main artery to Cane River.

The funding was approved in their 2020-21 budget.