Road Report


Carolyn Roy | News Editor

The Parish Government Highway Dept., performed 236 jobs during April according to the road-jobs-by-district report submitted by Public Works Director Johnny Salard. Those jobs represented 551,236 feet, 104 miles, $77,289 for equipment, $56,243 for materials, $35,913 for labor for a grand total of $169,446.

District 1 had three jobs consisting of spot grading, blading and adding gravel for a total cost of $2,702. Chris Paige is the Parish Council representative.

The department performed six jobs in District 2 that is represented by Patsy Ward-Hoover. Those jobs were on Fish Hatchery, Patrick and Bermuda roads, Cedar Grove Drive and Melle Street. The total money spent was $$7,730. The work consisted of patching, cutting limbs, cutting a tree blocking a road and installing culverts.

Jim Kilcoyne represents District 3 and his roads are in the City limits. There were five jobs performed consisting of installing culverts and patching. The total spent was $5,365. Marty Cheatwood has one of the two largest districts.

District 4 had 117 jobs compared to 82 last month. Of the 117 jobs, 67 were for blading.The total cost was $61,410. The major jobs, according to costs, were adding gravel on Trichel Road, $1,225; blading on Johnson Chute, $1,238; installing culvert and ditching on Lake Loop, $1,066; installing culvert on Lyle Walker Road, $2,955; blading on Smith Garage Road, $1,273; repairing washout on Robert Coffee Road, $2,260; and blading on Rushing-Hamilton Road, $2,218.

There were 105 jobs performed in District 5, represented by John Salter, compared to 100 last month. Costs of the April jobs were $92,237. Some 63 jobs were blading. The larger jobs, according to costs, were adding gravel on Allen-Marthaville Road, $1,457; ditching on Allen-Marthaville Road, $1,773; grading and spreading on Freeman Loop, $1,975; installing culvert on Townsend-Ballard Road, $4,481; grading and spreading on Bethany Highway E, $1,302; grading and spreading on Boleyn Road, $2,134; bridge repair on Buster Lewis Road, $9,274; debris removal on Old River Road, $3,942; repairs on Collins Road, $13,508; repairs on Collins Road, $1,119; repairing on Collins Road, $2,462; repairing washout on Robeline-Provencal Road, $1,568; repairing washout on Central Loop, $2,609; adding gravel to Cassidy Springs Road, $2,431; installing culvert on Bob Rachal Road, $5,639; blading on Lake Gorum Road, $1,097; repairing washout on Janie Gorum Road, $1,117; coldmix patching on Bayou Derbonne, $2,142; grading and spreading on Willie Honeycutt Road, $1,737; ditching on Lena Road, $3,440; and adding gravel on Kile Road, $1,567.