Spanish Lake couple picks up 270 pounds of litter per mile

This trailer is loaded with trash and debris picked up along a 4-mile stretch of a state highway in the parish near Spanish Lake.

Have you ever wondered how much litter is along our roads?   Recently, two local residents who wish to remain anonymous, decided to voluntarily pick up the litter on both sides of a 4 mile stretch of a State highway in Natchitoches parish.    ‘

They eventually filled 41 large trash bags mostly containing beverage cups and bottles, fast food packaging, diapers and tobacco/liquor products.

This article published in the Thursday, May 6, 2021, print edition

They also picked up 3 car tires, car parts, a wooden pallet, a projection screen TV, 35 empty deer corn bags, rubber boots and a half eaten birthday cake still in its original container.

Collectively, this litter weighed 1,080 pounds, an average of 270 pounds of litter per mile.

The two residents said, “The roadside litter reflects poorly on the beauty of our parish.  It’s so easy to prevent by simply waiting until you can dispose of it properly.  Unsecured trash in the back of a pick truck, blowing out, contributed to the litter as well.” The littering fine in Natchitoches Parish for a first offense is $315.