Happy Mother’s Day


Chloe Ivey Lindsey, above with son, Mason Andrew Allen, was nominated by her mother, Amy Gail Hostetler, who stated she is a strong woman and wonderful mother. “She just overcame so much, got her phlebotomy license and now is employed with Clinical Pathology laboratories Inc.,” Hostetler said. Chloe recently married Dewayne Lindsey. “I’m just proud of her accomplishments and her determination to take care of Mason and her perseverance through all she’s been through.”

Virginia “Ruth” Craig, AKA Mama, Mawmaw, Aunt Ruth or Ms. Ruth is the mother of five, Chris Craig, Cindy Craig Fredieu, Jeff Craig, Eric Craig and Ashley Adams. “ Our Mama is one of the most amazing Christian ladies that God ever created. She loves unconditionally, prays fervently, gives the last of what she has to anyone in need, never turns anyone away and offers to help anyone at anytime. She is the true example of a follower of Christ! Thankful that God chose her to be our Mama. Happy Mother’s Day to her!” said Fredieu.

Angie Cole, center, with daughters, from left, Katie Cole and Ashley Cole Guillory.

Cindy Fredieu, center, with her children, Angel and Brad Crow.

Rhonda Husky, left, and her daughter, Misty Quick.

Opal Gray is the mother of two, Ralph Gray and Karen Sue Evans. She has three grandchildren and three great-granddaughters who all think the world of Mamaw.

When cheerleaders need cheerleaders, Mom shows up! NFA moms and daughters are, from left, Charlie Gandy, Corbyn Gandy, Adalie Lacombe, Rhynn LaCombe, Allie Ducote , Jolee Shea Hayes, Brittany Hayes, Emmy OCon, Paisley Tilley and Brandy Tilley. Submitted by Micah Murchison

Megan Colston and her “Mini-Me” daughters, from left, Savannah and Stella.

Laura Mayeaux shared one of her favorite moments of fun with her daughter, Hadley Emerson Mayeaux.

Megan Harris with husband, Jeremy, and children Isla Lou and Brooks.