Just Talkin’ for May 6, 2021


——- Thoughts while recovering from Cinco de Mayo…… It dawned on JT the other day while reading about the federal stimulus money coming our way that Louisiana is an addict. We are addicted to federal monies. A story in one newspaper said the COVID dollars being disbursed by Louisiana had “something for everybody.” Sure there are some specific areas it has to go, but it appears to be Christmas time for our legislative and state leaders. There are some good decision made about replenishing our unemployment benefits fund and setting some into our rainy day fund, but a number of special interest groups are getting bailouts.

However, using the funds to fill our overspending from the previous year is a sad commentary on our leadership. It seems like an annual allocation of federal dollars to plug our budget is more of the norm. For the past few election cycles we hear from those wanting to serve in Baton Rouge that they are fiscal conservatives and want to reform our spending patterns. Yet, we are no closer to fiscal reform than we were a decade or more ago.


It appears the ability to get marijuana in Louisiana is getting easier. JT sees where the House of Representatives have approved a bill that allows marijuana in “smokeable” form to be available. JT predicts it won’t be long before we are another Colorado and we can get our marijuana in stores on Main Street rather than at back doors.


JT hears rumblings that something is going on at the Sheriff’s Office. It seems there is talk of an outward migration and pay is not the only issue. New leadership often brings change; sometimes subtle, sometimes personalities. JT hopes it’s just an isolated incident and that Sheriff Stuart Wright and his deputies can keep doing the exemplary job that we have come accustomed to.


There’s an old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. However, he’s not sure that’s going to work in the debate for a new high school in the southern/western end of the parish. JT understands everyone would like his or her school to return, but that’s just not feasible. However, a centralized location in the southern/western end of the parish is the best compromise. We’ve heard they want to use school board owned land off Water Well Road. The School Board says that’s an option but no decision has been made, while those against the site say the site is a done deal. Perhaps there’s a land swap option the School Board can consider…IF the sides can agree to move forward.