Bills continue their trek through legislature


Bills are flying through the House as lawmakers try to get through their lengthy itinerary. •HB691   by Representative Tony Bacala Current Status: Recommitted to the Committee on Appropriations. Restructures the hunting and fishing licensing system for the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries.

This article published in the May 13, 2021, print edition

The proposed law would increase the following licenses for residents: Fishing: Hook and line from $2.50 to $5; basic fishing from $9.50 to $17; saltwater from $13 to $15; Hunting: basic from $15 to $20; Non-Resident: basic fishing from $60-$68;

• HB615   by Representative Barbara Reich Freiberg Scheduled for floor debate May 12 Proposed law levies an annual tax of $400 per year on each electric vehicle and an annual tax of $275 per year on each hybrid vehicle operated on state highways which are required to be registered and to pay registration license tax in accordance with present law.

•HB199   by Representative Clay Schexnayder  TAX/SALES & USE:  (Constitutional Amendment) Current Status:   Read by title and passed to third reading and final passage. Creates the State and Local Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Commission (commission) as a statewide political subdivision. Proposed constitutional amendment further provides the commission shall be comprised of eight members as follows:  One member appointed by the La. School Boards Association.; One member appointed by the La. Municipal Association; One member appointed by the Police Jury Association of La.; One member appointed by the La. Sheriffs’ Association; The secretary of the Dept. of Revenue, or the designee of the secretary; One member appointed by the governor; One member appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives; One member appointed by the president of the Senate.

• SCR4   by Senator Kirk Talbot Current Status: Referred to the Committee on Appropriations. Suspends provision of law capping amount of revenue which can be spent by the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism on in-state advertising. Current Status:  Pending House Appropriations

•SB144   by Senator Gregory Tarver  Current Status: Referred to the Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice.     Proposed law provides that it is unlawful for any person to possess, purchase, sell, transfer, or manufacture animal fighting paraphernalia with the intent to engage in, promote, or facilitate animal fighting, including dogfighting, cockfighting, or any other form of animal fighting prohibited by present law.