Starbucks, auto mall permits issued


Building permits for the new auto mall on La. Hwy. 504 and a remodel of the building on Keyser Avenue that will house a Starbucks were the two with the largest valuation in the April report from City Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque. The department issued 56 permits for a total valuation of $6,334,589. The valuation of the permit for the auto mall at Hwy. 504 and University Parkway is $5,580,000 obtained by Vaughn Family Properties LLC and M.D. Descant Inc. Michael and Marilyn S. D’Eglidio and Douglas Cook Enterprises LLC obtained the permit with a valuation of $250,000 to remodel the building at 320 Keyser Avenue, the former Hardee’s location, for a Starbucks Coffee.

This article published in the Thursday, May 15-16, 2021, print edition

Other permits and their valuations are:

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•Natchitoches Parish Hospital and Gibko Nursery and Signs Inc., 627 Bienville Circle, sign, $16,500

•John J. Lewis, 806 Sixth, $5,500; 812 Sixth, $6,600; demolition of single family homes; 812 Sixth, roof, $5,000

•Justin M. Rhodes, 99 Chinquapin Place, residential addition and alteration, $25,000

•Waskom Management Services LLC, 107 South Drive (Payday Loans building), commercial addition and alterations, $78,000

•Larry Petite, 520 Winona, residential addition and alterations, $10,000

•Ida Moore, 238 Scarborough, residential addition and alterations, $3,800

•Michael J. Patterson, 805 Parkway, roof, $4,000

•Jeremy McCart, 127 Sarah, residential electrical, $1,200

•Pel-State Oil Co., 97 South Drive, commercial HVAC, $19,974

•Miguel Esparza, 113 Royal, residential electrical, $1,800

•Beverly Seymore, 730 Lake, residential electrical, $250

•Rose Sarpy, 409 Carver, residential addition and alterations, $7,100

•Willie Tousant, 130 Gibson, residential addition and alterations, $1,200

•Harvest Church Apostolic Ministries, 855 Third, roof, $21,376

•Jason Dean, 1801 Williams, residential electrical, $2,500

•Van Renard Pough, 319 Carver, residential addition and alterations, $700

•John Robertson, 1409 North Fifth, residential addition and alterations, $33,000

•Arrington Estates, 104 Arrington, roof, $64,800

•Barbara Strauss, 216 Williams, residential electrical, $1,200

•Net Lease Funding 2005, 5119 University Parkway (IHOP), sign, $4,000

•Eugene and Terry Wheeler, 1420 Holmes, residential addition and alterations, $3,000

•Lyddy Properties LLC, 310 Texas (Climate Control Storage), commercial addition and alterations, $30,000

•James C. Roberts, 1839 Williams, roof, $7,300

•Alice Elaine Hicks, 414 Whitfield, residential addition and alterations, $5,100

•Martha Waters, 1119 Waters Road, residential electrical, $600

•Robert Richoux, 742 St. Maurice Lane, roof, $7,980

•John Drane, 1616 Williams, roof, $10,209

•Shop-A-Lot, 620 South Drive, sign, $2,000

•Hardison Holdings LLC, 515 Rowena, addition and alterations, $36,200

•Eleanor Tobin, 922 Williams, residential electrical, $1,200

•Michael Yankowski, 1602 McClelland, residential addition and alterations, $15,000

•Brett Garfinkel, 314 Nelken, residential addition and alterations, $47,000

•ARK-LA-TEX Superior Signs, 5386 University Parkway (Dairy Queen), sign, $8,000

•CMJ Realty, LLC, 333 Keegan, roof, $4,000

•Franks Properties Inc., 351 Second, roof, $5,000

•CMJ Realty LLC, 139 Cypress, roof, $5,500

•Lucy Ann Labom, 825 North Melrose, roof, $3,000