NPD arrests as of June 3


Howard Charles Lath Jr., b/m, 35, domestic abuse battery


Latrina Shawntey Wiggins, b/f, 33, domestic abuse battery
Kevin Robinson, b/m, 28, telephone harassment
Marcella L. Bradley, b/f, theft
Chasity Sullivan, w/f, 29, failure to appear

This article published in the June 5-6, 2021, print edition

Tina Kay, w/f, 46, Robeline, disturbing the peace by public intoxication
Lataveion Washington, b/m, 23, 3 counts FTA
Connie turner, b/f, 41, theft
James Graham, b/m, 61, criminal mischief
Meredith McMillan, b/f, 32, disturbing the peace by language


Tapiwa Tlubunya, b/m, 18, monetary instrument abuse, theft
William C. Mitchell, b/m, 29, 2 counts domestic abuse battery, resisting, possession of CDS sch. I w/intent, possession of sch. II CDS w/intent
Kristaci Dyess, b/f, 32, FTA
Joshua Hippler, w/mm, 37, monetary instrument abuse
Chris Onochie, b/m, 24, Houston, simple assault

Dexter Aught Jr.

Dexter Aught, b/m, 25, 14 counts FTA
Kauchswa Frazier, b/m, 43, aggravated second-degree battery
Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 55, Natchez, remaining


Ryley Desadier, w/m, 18, disturbing the peace by public intoxication


Del Ray Berguin, b/m, 22, 3 counts FTA, 2 counts unlicensed driver, signaling
Tapiwa Ruloounga, b/m, 18, 2 counts monetary instrument abuse
Robbie Jackson, b/f, 28, warrant through Zwolle
Joshua D. Demars, b/m, 21, Rayville, obstruction of justice, resisting, parole violation
Daria D. Thomas, b/f, 22, FTA
Kendall Johnson, b/m, 41, resisting by false name, warrants
Shenique Brown, b/f, 36, simple battery, illegal carrying of a weapon, resisting, resisting by force, battery on a police officer
Sharon Taylor, w/f, 35, Robeline, felony theft
La’Vunte Jackson, b/m, 21, Campti, simple criminal damage to property
Desneck Smith, b/m, 18, possession of sch. I
Tywanna Sykes, b/f, 33, disturbing the peace
Ashley Pye, b/f, 33, disturbing the peace
Janet Prestridge, w/f, 46, attempted simple burglary, theft


Joey Monette, b/m, 27, /ckiytuervukke attempted simple burglary
Marsha Larue, w/f, 47, attempted simple burglary.
Wuinton Lacaze, b/m, 30, simple possession of marijuana, aggravated battery
Bryan King, b/m, 33, loud music, aggravated flight, speeding, 4 counts failure to yield, simple possession of marijuana, open container
Lonnie Colbert, b/m, 38, criminal trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia
Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 55, communicating false information of planned arson, public intimidation, threatening a public official, obstruction, hate crime.