Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for June 12-13, 2021


Although it’s not a federal holiday, Monday, June 14, is Flag Day. If you have a flag at home, be sure she’s flying on Monday. The first flag design was in 1777 and included 13 alternating strips for the original 13 colonies. The current flag design was in 1958 and the only change from the original was the star pattern.

For you history buffs, two years earlier on June 14 the U.S. Army was founded. The iconic flag photograph is the planting of “Old Glory” at the summit of Mount Suribachi at the battle of Iwo Jima Feb. 23, 1945. That photo still gives JT the chills. Another chilling moment is the late actor/comedian Red Skelton’s reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and it’s meaning. If you haven’t heard it….you really need to. You can probably find it on YouTube.

Flag of the United States of America.
Happy Flag Day


If you are an “outdoorsman/woman” in Louisiana…load up your wallets because it’s going to cost you more to enjoy the hunting and fishing opportunities in our state. JT reads where some of the licenses and fees will be phased in over the next few years, but a basic license will increase from $9.50 to $17. The good news is that in addition to the basic license you will now get a license for crab traps, crawfish traps…and a bunch of other things that had required it’s own separate licenses. Not a lot of benefit to us in North Louisiana…but hey they didn’t ask us.

There is good news for duck hunters though from the Northwest Louisiana Game and Fish Preserve Commission. You still need to permit your blinds this season…but there is no fee associated with the permit. You just need to provide the GPS coordinates for your blind when you get the permit. Finally, someone who appreciates you.


Speaking of fees…the US Postal Service is expected to raise rates for the second time this year in late August. A first class stamp, which went to 55 cents in January, will go up to 58 cents in August. Certified and Registered mail will also see significant increases. And if you use Media Mail (that’s sending a lot of pieces) look for almost an 11 percent increase. Rather than reward their consistent customers with a rate break, they seem to be gouging them because the mailer doesn’t have many other options. Now don’t be naïve and think that this will result in better service…it won’t.

JT read that a recent service performance report of the Postal Service showed that 25 percent of the mail was still not arriving on time. During the pandemic months it was as high as 50 percent. Don’t know about you, but JT has seen an increase in the number of his suppliers that are emailing their invoices rather than using the Postal Service. The more businesses do this, the more money the Post Office loses. What’s not being hit with an increase is the cost of mailing packages. That’s because the Post Office has competition in that area and that’s where they want to grow their business.


Easy come…easy go. We told you Wednesday about Winn Parish getting $1 million in road funding. Well…that was yesterday. Thursday, with the swipe of his veto pen, Governor John Bel Edwards nixed the money they were to get. It was one of six projects, all in the Districts of “Conservative” House members, that were vetoed. Apparently the Governor has issues with House Conservative Caucus Chairman Jack McFarland of Winnfield and conservative Representative Gabe Firment, who lives in Pollock but also represents part of Winn Parish.

It was the largest of the projects to be deleted by the Governor. Who’s counting…but four of the six projects the Governor nixed were in North Louisiana. In addition to the Winn Parish monies, the other three line item vetoes were in Bossier Rep. Danny McCormick’s district.

North Louisiana did get some projects in the funding bill, but JT thinks the Governor exercised a little payback to a few lawmakers.