Building permits value $1 million


Building permit activity in the City was considerably less in May than in April since the Planning and Zoning Dept., issued only 49 permits with a valuation of $978,267 according to the report issued by Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque. In April, the department issued 56 permits with a valuation of $6.3 million permits but that included ones for the new auto mall on University Parkway at La. Hwy. 503 During May, the department issued eight permits for new roofs.

The two largest permits were for improvements to the Social Security Office on Keyser for $100,000 and the Shop-A-Lot, Petron LLC at 201 Hwy. 3175 Bypass for $350,000.

This article published in the June 12-13, 2021, print edition
Seamless Gutters

Other permits and their valuations were:

•Francisco Aviles Jr., 1320 Williams, residential electrical, $1,300

•Yomoca and Rodrick Joseph, 103 Kaffie, roof, $5,527

•La. Capitol Federal Credit Union, 311 Keyser, sign, $5,710

•Evans Family LLC, 100 St. Clair, roof, $26,137

•Jacqueline Lewis, 501 Whitfield, residential alterations, $3,200,

•Lyddy Properties LLC, 315 Williams Ave., residential electrical, $8,000

•Abdullah Properties, 1321 Lake, residential alterations, $4,000

•Ernestine Scott, 116 Sylvan, 1321 Lake, residential electrical, $541; roof, $4,000

•Overby Jefferson Living Trust, 225 Poete, residential alterations, $100,000

•Oghale Eleyae, 1039 Keyser, electrical and residential repairs, $7,575

•Pierson Realty Corp., 512 Front, commercial alterations, $40,000

•Parish Government, 624 Second, Live Oak Building, roof, $40,000

•Brian Turner, 900 St. Clair, residential alterations, $150,000

•Erin Glover, 113 Lauryn, roof, $23,220 •Anita Dubois, 1412 North Fifth, roof, $4,500

•Fair Properties LLC, 780 Front, commercial alterations to condominiums, $17,500 •Elizabeth Foshee, 704 Garland, residential electrical, $150

•Diane Taylor, 323 St. Maurice, residential alterations, $1,500

•Charles Morgan, 1905 Nolley, roof, $16,000

•Carlos Camargo-Patron, 906 Harling Lane, residential electrical, $250

•Johnny Dunn, 1019 Loren, roof, $4,250

•JRT Investments LLC, 367 South Drive, commercial HVAC, $27,749

•Tung Huynh, 226 Hampton, roof, $7,284

•Grant Shields, 826 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, residential alterations, $5,000; 827 Jordan, $5,000

•Louis Whitelow, 401 Henry, residential alterations, $7,000

•James R. Sandefur, 129 South Drive, sign application, $2,274

•Lasyone’s Meat Pies Inc., 622 Second, commercial alterations, $10,500