Cane River clean up underway


Juanice Gray | Editor

Fallen trees in Cane River that create a hazard are being removed by Docks, Walls and More, owner Charles Carruth, and crew. The Cane River Waterway Commission authorized the Phase I tree removal project in April at a cost of $19,000. “These trees will be removed starting from the boathouse north of Plantation Point to Shell Beach,” said Cane River administrator Betty Fuller.

This article published in the June 24, 2021, print edition

The Commission, during the May meeting additionally authorized the trees by South Drive Bridge to be removed as well.  Fuller said the trees selected for removal had a negative impact to the lake. “Safety is the top priority,” she said. The selection was based on factors including how far they protrude into the channel and the potential of them breaking apart and floating, thereby causing a navigational hazard. 

Fishermen and women will still have plenty of trees creating bedding grounds and fish habitat. “Trees are taken out for safety reasons only,” said CRWC Chairman Jim Rhodes. “It has to impact safety on the river,” he said.