Parish department heads provide updates


Carolyn Roy | News Editor

Topping the department reports at the Parish Council meeting Monday was the news that the Parish has received its first American Rescue Plan Act payment of $3,705,872. Parish Treasurer Julie Lockhart said the money is in its own account and she is still getting training on how the money can be spent.

The Parish Council authorized Parish President John Richmond to accept an LCDBG grant of approximately $300,000 that will pay for HVAC improvements at the Old Courthouse, Live Oak Extension Building, Office of Community Services and Health Unit.

Highway Director Johnny Salard said there were 16 rain days in May but employees managed to perform 215 jobs and grade 55 roads.

Parish Government entered into Cooperative Endeavor Agreements for three Good Samaritan projects. They are with Greg Goings for Bolyen Road, Jimmy McDaniel for Patrick Road and Billy Dans-Earl for Roe Road. Residents buy the materials that are spread by highway department employees.

Richmond said the Perma Zyme demonstration will take place when the roads can dry out.

Office of Community Services Director Sharon Harris said the summer feeding program gave meals to an average of 198 children at the Clarence Community Center, Natchez Town Hall and Parkway Cinema parking lot. Five meals were dispensed once a week on Wednesdays.

The only appointment to a board or commission was Travis Brossette to replace Travis Johnson on the Fire District 1 Board.

Natchitoches Parish Port Board President Nettles Brown introduced the port Executive Director Travis Tyler who has been at the port for four years. The five tenants at the port are ADA Carbon Solutions, Madden Construction, Kisatchie Chips, Terral River Services and Custom Commodities. The port has KCS rail services with 5 miles of tracks; a 62,000 square foot building; 3,000 square feet of highway frontage; truck and barge decks; and 120 acres of developed land with an additional 360 acres available.

The council approved the issuance of bonds, not to exceed $5 million, for Waterworks District #2. Attorney Rusty Sylvester said refinancing the bonds will save $600,000 with the life of the bonds to remain the same.

The council attempted to introduced an ordinance that would require a majority vote instead of two-thirds vote to amend the Home Rule Charter but it failed to get on the agenda.

Another ordinance was introduced to change zoning from B3 and Industrial Agricultural to R-1 for a single-family residence on Hwy. 494.

The last ordinance proposed a change from IA to R-1 to develop a single family residential subdivision on 15 acres at 315 Rose Hill Plantation.

The council adopted two resolutions.

The first was to approve a change order for streets in Payne Subdivision, Phase 2, to allow for payment to contractor.

The second was to appoint the Natchitoches Times as official legal journal.