Natchez Swine


Twelve feral swine showed up at the Village of Natchez Park recently as shown in this photo by Renardo Sarpy who sent it to his Parish Council representative Patsy Ward-Hoover. Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) Agent J.D. Cox spoke at the Parish Council meeting Monday saying that two were removed from the park and 10 were found nearby with all being removed by SWCD agents.

This article published in the Thursday, June 24, 2021, print edition

The Federal Farm Bill provides funding for the agency to trap and remove the feral swine free-of-charge to landowners. Call Cox at 352-7100, Ext. 3 to make an appointment. His agency serves Red River, Winn, Grant, Rapides and Natchitoches parishes. Cox said the swine average from 100 to 150 pounds but a big boar can weight about 250 pounds with some as large as 350-400 pounds.