Road Report

Road Report

Carolyn Roy | News Editor

Despite having 13 rain days in May, the Parish Government Road Maintenance Department performed 215 jobs according to the report submitted by Highway Director Johnny Salard. There were 52.2 miles graded; $79,531 for equipment; $54,318 for materials; $48,979 for labor for a grand total of $182,830 spent on road maintenance.

This article published in the June 26-27, 2021, print edition

Those jobs represented 12 in District 2 for a total 4.2 miles; $4,475 in equipment; $1,220 in materials; $2,329 in labor for a total of $8,025. In District 4, there were 101 jobs for 18.8 miles; $28,444 in equipment; $21,961 in materials; $19,686 for labor for a total of $70,092. There were 102 jobs in District 5 for 29.2 miles; $46,611 in equipment; $31,136 in materials; $26,964 in labor for a total of $104,711.

According to the report, the department graded 29 miles in District 5, 18 miles in District 4 and 4 miles in District 2. The jobs include a combination of many tasks including spot grading, patching, removing trees blocking the road, applying gravel, blading, cutting limbs, grading and draining, cold mix patching, installing culverts, bushhogging, repairing washouts, spreading gravel ditching, debris removal0 and more.

Parish President John Richmond said in his report that drainage work continues on Fish Hatchery Road. It includes installation of cross and side drains and ditching. Pulverization is to begin in early July with work on Clark and Sportsman’s Lodge roads, weather permitting.