Building permits decline in May


There was a considerable drop in building permits issued during May according to the report from Parish Government Acting Director of Planning and Zoning David Kees. There were 29 permits issued with a valuation of $1.4 million. In April, there were 49 permits issued with a valuation of $1.6 million. Notable are four new home constructions.

They are:

•John and Karen Moreau, 3761 Hwy. 484, $250,000

•Latnie Brewton, 381 Mr. Ed Lane, $700,000

•United Built Homes Inc., Theresa Carroll, Green Acres, 2181 Hwy. 3191, $195,530

•United Built Homes, Inc., Michael Coffey, 2120 Robert Coffey Road, $291,460 There were 13 permits issued for electrical hookups for which there is no fee.

Other permits were issued to:

•James and Cheryl Philen, 206 Melrose Bend, swimming pool, $92,000

•Gwen Fontenot, 128 Celina Dr., residential addition, $33,000

•Adam Jamigan, 190 Adams Road, residential manufactured home, $150,000

•Brian and Janet Powell, residential manufactured home, 125 W.C. Jones Road, $181,000

•Victor Kay, 1033 Cat Island Road, residential manufactured home, $100,000 •Roger McCann, 1211 Patrick Road, commercial a ddition, $100,000

•Thomas and Janie Hardee, 205 Jerard Ave., swimming pool, $48,000

•William and Diane Poe, 1737 Hwy. 504, portable building, $14,780

•Richard Sines, 132 Potts Road, residential manufactured home, $20,000

•Scott and Amber Stetson, 4656 Hwy. 118, residential manufactured home, $208,000

•Ty Freeman, 975 Robert Rawls Road, swimming pool, $37,800

•Richard and Jaime Bruce, 466 Robert LacazeRoad, residential manufactured home, $22,000