Keeping the parish beautiful is something we should all get behind

Lois, left, and James Martin

“Keeping our Parish beautiful is something we should all get behind,” said Gorum resident Mark Kerry. He and neighbors and friends, Lois Martin, David Martin, John Gregory and Lester Nobles spent Saturday, June 26 picking up litter in their community.

This article published in the July 1, 2021, print edition

“La. DOTD recently mowed the tall grass along the highway. This caused the existing trash along the highway to be chopped up into small pieces, which worsened the litter problem.  The problem is particularly worse near the Gorum dump where trash is heaviest,” said Kerry. “We decided we needed to act now before the grass grew higher along the highways making it more difficult to both locate and pick up the trash in the future.”

Lester Nobles

In addition, the participants supplied all equipment and logistics items including ATVs with trailers and safety equipment such as traffic cones and orange panels, safety vests, trash bags, pick up sticks and water.

James Martin

Two participants, Gregory and James Martin, are also paramedics. In addition, NPSO provided a deputy sheriff for assistance with traffic control.

Mark Kerry