Editor’s note: This Freedom of Information Act letter sent to Parish Government is being published at the request of Councilwoman Patsy Ward-Hoover.

Please consider this as my request pursuant to the Federal Freedom of Information Act for the following:

1) The date, time, roster of attendants, and minutes from the meeting(s) that were held to authorize the expenditures for the roads/properties belonging to the Levy District and the road/property within the municipality of Goldonna.

2) Any and all paperwork, recordings, and agreement that was entered into by any party(s) agreeing to the Parish of Natchitoches providing any materials,labor, or equipment to the Levy District and the Village of Goldonna with the understanding or agreement that the Parish of Natchitoches would be reimbursed by the aforementioned parties.

Be advised that I, Councilwoman Patsy Ward Hoover, duly serving District 2 for the Parish of Natchitoches, hereby formally request this information, and expect it to be delivered to me in the time set forth by the Federal Freedom of Information Act.


Please contact me when this information is ready for my acceptance.

Thank you, Patsy Ward Hoover

This article published in the Thursday, July 1, 2021, print edition