Just Talkin’ for July 1, 2021


Good things are happening downtown! JT hears construction/renovation on the west end of Front Street… where businesses were destroyed or displayed by a fire 14 months ago…is nearing completions. Many of the businesses hope to be open around the first of August, but JT hears it will happen for sure by the time school starts. The early morning fire displaced some of the businesses but JT understands all 13 units in that portion of Front Street have tenants. One of the exciting things is Mayeaux’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant is actually expanding the size of their seating capacity….and there will be some new faces nearby.


One of the things JT is really missing from this summer is the NSU Dinner Theatres. Not sure what happened. It could have been COVID related or something else completely. At any rate, JT wants the Theatre Department at Northwestern… the faculty, student actors and technical staff… to know how much the community enjoys those productions. We sure hope they can get the productions back on track soon.


While lawmakers are counting the votes to see if a veto session is doable, the next big issue on the horizon is reapportionment. That’s the 10-year reassessment of legislative and judicial district lines throughout the state based on the latest census numbers. JT understands that Crowley legislator John M. Stefanski will be one of the lead legislators on this undertaking. JT’s told he is planning a “listening tour” of the state to gather feedback. Let’s hope these sessions are open to the public for comment and not just to politicians. JT…and a lot of others… would sure like to see us go back to having one State Senator and one Representative responsible for Natchitoches Parish’s needs.


Speaking of the possible veto session, the word is that one is “highly likely” one will be held on July 20. Legislators have until July 15th to vote to cancel the veto session. Many lawmakers want to override two vetoes issued by the Governor John Bel Edwards and that’s the reason a veto session is on the table. One is a bill passed allowing people to conceal carry a handgun without a permit. Governor Edwards rejected that notion. The other vetoed issue was the overwhelming passage of a bill prohibiting transgender athletes from competing in girls’ sports.

Good arguments have been made on both sides of these issues. JT remembers the late Police Juror Robert Lucky telling someone who was arguing against something the Jury had passed. He told them not to worry, “What we send-We can rescind.”