June permits quadruple those in May


June permits exceeded the total of Mays valuation at $4,140,443. Last month, the permits brought in less than $1 million. The Department of building, planning and zoning distributed 67 permits, bringing 18 more than in May.

Bruce M. And Laura Wiggs, 412 Williams, residential roofing, $26,000

Matthew D. and Julie L. Deford, 742 Loren Ave., residential roofing, $12,665

Joseph D. Scott, 113 Magnolia Circle, residential roofing, $15 735

Faye D. Carson, 704 Hancock Ave., residential roofing, $7,382

Paul Errington, 1031 Parkway Dr., residential alterations, $696,000

Three Labs Holdings LLC, 1041 Washington St., residential building permit, $6,100

Three Labs Holdings LLC, 200 Pint St., residential roofing, $8,100

Three Labs Holdings LLC, 705 Parkway Dr., residential electric, $1,500

Three Labs Holdings LLC, 515 Howard St., residential electric, $1,300

Braxton Keyser LLC and Donahuefavret Contractors, Inc., Natchitoches Community Care Center, 781 Hwy. 494, commercial alterations, $160,000

DJD Properties LLC, 2345 Hwy. 6, residential alterations, $1,700

University Parkway Properties and Bayou Construction Services of La. LLC, 926 University Pkwy., commercial alterations, $6,000

JRT Investments LLC, 367 South Dr., commercial roofing, $6,000

Bayou Bend Apartment Partners and Hudco Roofing & Exteriors LLC, 100 Maria Lane, commercial roofing, $112,000

Ackel Investments LLC and Mark Douglas Wilkerson, 545 1/2 Whitfield Dr., residential electrical, $300

Brown Properties LLC and John Andrew Ballard, 357 Jefferson St., residential roofing, $8,300

Michael N. Harrell and Kilgore Construction LLC, 1008 Harling Lane, residential roofing, $8,300

City of Natchitoches and Consolidated Design & Machine, Pilgrim’s Pride, 7088 Hwy. 1 Bypass, commercial building permit, $217,000

United Assets, LLC and Rhino Construction LLC of Tennessee, 200 Hwy. 3175 Bypass, commercial electrical, $9,873

Ben D. Johnson, LLC and Cane River Glass LLC, 400 Martin Luther King Dr, commercial building, $6,893

Mildred S. Fowler and Roofing by Martinez LLC, 420 Robbins Dr., residential roofing, $12,988

Charles E. Dranguet and Smith Global LLC, Natchitoches Condominium, 584 Front St., commercial roofing, $200,000

William B. Luster and Foshee & Johnson Electric, 313 Parkway Dr., residential HVAC repair, $6,870

DJD Properties LLC, 2348 Hwy. 6, residential alterations, $2,950

Doyle L. and Barbara P. Bailey and Hahn Roofing Inc., 840 2nd St, residential roofing w/ penalty, $12, 343

Ginger Gates and Dykes Construction LLC, 102 Ledet Dr., new residence, $410,000

David B. Coker and Kilgore Construction LLC, 621 Parkway Dr., residential roofing, $15,000

Lester L. Holland, 304 South Dr., signing permit, $200

Alliance Compressors and The Wieland-Davco Corporation, 100 Industrial Dr., commercial alterations, $274,405

Ralph C. Ingram, Jr., 905 Williams Ave., residential alterations, $15,000

School Board and Marketa Remo Design LLC, Resource Center, 310 Royal St., commercial alterations, $49,100

Louisiana School of Math, Bossier Sign Co., 715 University Pkwy., commercial electrical and permit signing, $19,500

Shugart Glass of Texas, Inc. and Collier Construction LLC, 943 Washington St., residential roofing, $115,000

Crist and Sandra R. Brew and Donald Elie, 804 N Melrose Ave., residential roofing, $4,200

Shugart Glass of Texas, Inc. and Collier Construction LLC, 943 Washington St., residential building permit, $41,500

Sherry Baumgardner ET AL and Bayou Construction Service of La. LLC, 704 Parkway Dr., residential alterations, $110,000

First Presbyterian Church and 1st Psalm Builders LLC, 114 Bienville St., commercial roofing, $68304

Natchitoches Congregation of Jehovah’s and Malone Roofing Services LLC, 1645 Breazeale St., commercial roofing, $24,960

Nor-Wes Inc., 504 Airport Road, demolition permit, $5,000

Breelin and Sandra J. Johnson, and Wilhite Electric Co. INC, 729 Culbertson Lane, residential electrical, $9,450

Lesh Nettles and Glenelle Brown and Hargrove Roofing LLC, 902 3rd St., residential roofing, $9,500

LBN GPB, LLC, and Hargrove Roofing LLC, 911 3rd St., residential roofing, $5,000

LBN GPB, LLC and Hargrove Roofing LLC, 915 3rd St., commercial roofing, $10,750

LBN GPB, LLC, and Hargrove Roofing LLC, 230 Pavie St., residential roofing, $5,000

Felicia A. Martin and Eddy Varice, 705 Garland Road, residential roofing, $6,195

Raymond Remo, ET AL, 156 Pierson St., demolition permit, $3,000

DLT Properties LLC and Scallion Heating, Air & Electric, 1440 Hill Ave., residential electrical repair, $250

Kathy J. Anderson and John C. Perot, 1214 Amulet St., demolition permit, $5,000