Just Talkin’ for July 15, 2021


Our best wishes go out to former mayor Lee Posey who took a tumble while riding a bicycle about a month ago and broke some ribs. From what JT hears, he went to the beach a week ago last Friday where he fainted and ended up in the hospital with a punctured lung. Monday he was scheduled to be on his way to Baton Rouge and then on to home in Natchitoches Tuesday. He’s in the able care of his wife Evie, sister Sheila and daughters Whitney and Amanda.


JT was amused to see the online videos of Coach O jogging around the LSU campus bare-chested. Coach O looks darn good and says he’s lost 25 pounds according to the Sports Illustrated pod cast. He runs two hours Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays plus stadium steps. After watching the video, you can tell Coach attests to the long and slow theory of running which is better than short and fast. The workouts will well prepare him for the stress of the approaching football season as well as the Title IX goings-on.


A video of fight at the newly opened Whataburger has gone viral. JT watched as the fists flew between what appeared to be a kitchen worker and an employee. JT learned the incident allegedly stemmed from the young man getting upset with the kitchen manager because he was on him about being on his cell phone. No arrests were made, but this is not how we, the City and Parish, want to start out our relationship with the new, and greatly anticipated business. Such a shame this had to happen and JT only hopes the Whataburger execs don’t think this behavior is the norm for Natchitoches.


The death of former Governor Edwin Edwards this week was a big blow to political junkies. His impact on our state…and on Natchitoches…is one that will not be forgotten. We were on the receiving end of a lot of projects… and dollars… during his years in the Governor’s Mansion. Colorful, flamboyant and quick-witted were his style. To some he was good and to others he more closely resembled evil in his methods of getting things done. If he told you he’d do something…that’s all you needed to know. It would get done. Our state was better off because of Edwin Edwards. We’ll never see another one like him…that’s for sure!


Someone mentioned to JT that the “Real Governor Edwards” had died. It’s only fitting that the state flags have been ordered flown at half-mast.


JT was reminded that the supplemental unemployment checks from the Federal Government would stop at the end of this month for Louisiana’s unemployed workers. Louisiana is one of about two-dozen or so states that opted out of the stimulus to get people back to work. The Federal Program is set to end nation-wide the last day of September. Now JT hears a round of “government handouts” is expected for families with children. It’s called the child tax credit and is around $3,000 per child over the age of six and $3,600 under five. You’ll get half of that amount in monthly payments until December and the rest will be credited on your taxes. If you don’t file taxes, you’ll get the balance instead. JT bets he’s not the only one out there looking at adopting some kids till the money runs out.


The impact of a new fast food restaurant opening up can sure be felt here. JT noticed it in two ways…first was the long lines of traffic at the new Whataburger since Monday. The second indication was the speed of which he got through the drive thru at another fast food place. It normally takes two or three weeks for the newness to wear off before customers return to their routines. This time it might be a little longer because McAllister’s Deli (just next door on Keyser Avenue) is set to open in a week or so.


Just a reminder that the NSU Folklife Concert series Folk Festival is back on track at the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame this Saturday at 2 p.m. It’s free and air-conditioned. Featured is Zydeco artist Corey Ledet. It will last about an hour and a half and is well worth your time.