Council business includes leasing airport hangar


Carolyn Roy | News Editor

The only thing of note at the City Council meeting Monday was that Councilperson-at-Large Betty Sawyer-Smith presided at the meeting in the place of Mayor Ronnie Smith Jr., who was out of town.

There were no ordinances to be voted on and only two new ones were introduced.

The first authorized the mayor to execute a lease with the La. Agricultural Finance Agency to lease a hangar at Natchitoches Regional Airport for 10 years at an annual fee of $1,174. The agency is part of the La. Dept. of Agriculture & Forestry.

The second was a budget amendment adjusting general fund and utility fund expenses.

The council adopted six resolutions.

The first one approved the lease of a hanger by Etiole Patrimony LLC to Nor-Wes Inc. The hanger was empty and for sale. A hangar leased by Nor-Wes was damaged during the ice storm last year and collapsed. Nor-Wes will lease the one from Etoile Patrimony until its hangar is rebuilt. The resolution approved the transaction by the City.

Another resolution approved advertising for bids for a forklift/telehandler for the purchasing warehouse. The current one is 10 years old and was purchased used.

Another resolution approved advertising for bids for a 47-foot sheave height digger truck for the utility department. It will be used to set poles and transformers on poles. It will replace one that is 17 years old for which parts are hard to find.

Another resolution authorized advertisement for pulse closing transfer switches that will be mounted on poles to enhance electrical performance at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center. If there is an interruption in power, the switches will resume power with only a “blink.”

Another resolution authorized a memorandum of understanding between the City and JBL Communication LLC dba V1Fiber. The company will seek grants for installation of a wireless network at no cost to the City.

The last resolution authorized advertising and accepting bids for renovation of the Texas and Pacific Railroad Depot. It was removed from the agenda to allow the National Park Service more time to review the contract.

The next scheduled meeting of the City Council will be Monday, Aug. 9.