Roof restoration is quite the project

By Times Staff
The metal roof of the Nakatosh Condominiums, the converted old Nakatosh Hotel located at the corner of Front and Church Streets, is being replaced after receiving extensive damage last August from Hurricane Laura.
The hurricane destroyed the old metal roof and caused water and structural damage to the elevator shaft and some condominium units. Much of the hotel’s old decorative features were also damaged.

This article published in the July 31, 2021, print edition
Kyle Smith, president of Smith Global Roofing Solutions, said this is quite a restoration job. He estimated it was a million dollar restoration and said they are going back up with a much-improved roof. On-site construction started last Monday, July 26. He said it’s taken several months to get all the materials together. It’s anticipated the project will be completed by mid-September.
Smith said, basically, the commercial grade, standing-seam metal roof is being constructed in the parking lot behind the hotel then hoisted piece by piece to the roof of the nearly 40-foot high building. Then it is being fitted together by workers.
Smith said the netting hanging from the second floor of the hotel is for the protection of pedestrians on the sidewalk.