Ethics Board decision upheld


Former school board member ordered to pay

Times Staff

Tenth Judicial District Court has upheld a The La. Board of Ethics petition that a former school board member owes $10,100 for failure to disclose financial disclosure statements as required by State law. In a judgment filed July 15 in district court, Ralph Wilson was ordered to pay a La. Board of Ethics late fee order of $10,100.

This article published in the Aug. 5, 2021, print edition

The order represents civil penalties assessed by the ethics board, plus legal interest from the date of the petition, reasonable attorney’s fees in the amount of 25 percent and court costs. The judgment stems from a hearing Nov. 14, 2019 when the ethics board filed a Petition for Rule to Show Cause for Wilson to show why he had not followed a court order.

The La. Dept. of Justice represented the ethics board and is now acting as the collection unit. If the judgment is not paid, it could result in a garnishment of wages. The original suit dates back to 2014. Wilson represented Natchitoches Parish School Board District three for seven terms. He was elected in October of 1990 and did not seek re-election in 2018.