5 new home permits issued in June


Notable building permits issued by the Parish Planning and Zoning Office in June are five for new Construction. The office issued 49 permits with an evaluation of $2.5 million. Twenty-one were issued for electrical connections that have no valuation. There were four flood determinations that also had no valuation.

This article published in the Aug. 5, 2021, print edition

The new home permits were issued to:

•Rhodes Properties, 104 Eastin Circle,

•Thomas Bolton Construction, Keith and Agnes Ashby,142 Riverside Lane, $585,000

•Phillip Cole, residential camp, 864 Old River Road North, $400,000

•Steve Hardee, 354 Dick Anderson Road, $440,000

•Rhodes Properties, 111 Madalyn Drive, $220,000

Other permits were issued to:

•Walter Martin, 195 South Third St., manufactured home, $93,000

•Tommy Hall, 2755 La. 487, residential pool, $35,600

•Charlie and Paige Moore, 157 Christine Moore Road, manufactured home, $15,000

•Raford Nelson, 1387 Robert Rawls Loop, residential manufactured home, $1,200

•Pleasure Pools, Rhodes Properties, 100 Eastin Circle, $60,000

•ArkLaTex Builders/Theresa and Larry Carroll, 283 Hwy. 3191, residential detached building, $27,000

•Donald Sharp, 251 Zinnie Sharp Road, residential portable building, $10,000

•James Simmons, 1398 Patrick Road, manufactured home, $5,000

•Peter and Melba Leone, 119 Arkansas Ave., manufactured home, $75,000

•Kadaria Lajaunie, 951 Hwy. 504, manufactured home, $$89,995

•Pleasure Pools, Phillip Pitts, 1709 Williams, $92,500

•Ryan Haydel, 1138 Webre Road, manufactured home, $50,000

•Mike and Kalita Jones, manufactured home, 255 Bellwood Church Road, $30,000

•Stephen Eversull, 1764 Hwy. 494, camp, $222,000