BACK TO SCHOOL: Make Your Mark

It’s a sure sign that school is about to start and the Class of 2022 boldly announce their presence. Emma Broadway and Clary Smiley personalize a space in the St. Mary’s parking lot. A senior perk, a personalized parking spot, is a long running tradition at the school. Seniors choose their colors and designs and spend a few days before the onset of school to literally make their mark. Broadway chose a teal/blue background with her name and retro 70s flowers to brighten her space. Other spaces were beginning to take shape as logos, names and artistic designs emerged over the faded parking spaces of those who came before. Photo by Juanice Gray

St. Mary’s seniors uphold a long standing tradition by personalizing their parking spots. They were hard at work Thursday afternoon.

From left are Cameron Bienvenu, Emma, Haecker and, in back, Sophia Hogg.
From left are Camille Ball and Lilianna Sklar. Ball said she had already used over two gallons of paint on just her background. Photos by Juanice Gray
This article published in the Aug. 7, 2021, print edition