Cane River Singers open to NSU and Natchitoches community


NATCHITOCHES – Students, faculty and the Natchitoches community are invited to join the Cane River Singers beginning Aug. 30.  Vocalists will meet from 7-8:30 p.m. every Monday in Room 103, the choral rehearsal room, in Northwestern State University’s Creative and Performing Arts Annex.

Masks are required, according to Dr. Nicholaus Cummins, director of choral activities.

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Faculty and non-faculty who participate will only be required to pay for music scores and a binder.  Students will be required to register for the course:  University Singers – Mus 1420-O1N CRN: 10483.

“I wanted the community to have a choral opportunity beyond singing at church, especially when so many of us haven’t been able to sing a lot in church during COVID,” Cummins said. “We will be singing with masks and somewhat distanced in the choir room.”

For more information, contact Cummins at