Just Talkin’ for Aug. 12, 2021


JT’s faith in people has been restored! There are some good ones out there and ironically, this particular one is someone we entrust our greatest blessings …our children…to on a daily basis. Karis Cobb, owner of Cobblestones, found a notebook with a signed blank check and visa gift card in a Wal-Mart shopping cart last Friday. She reached out to the owner who was, at the very least — shocked, partly because the owner hadn’t realized the notebook was missing, and partly because the person that found it actualy knew the owner. They’d been coworkers years ago.

The notebook, check and visa card are back in the owner’s possession thanks to Karis. It could have been a disasterous incident if someone with a less than stellar character had found it! Yes, JT is the owner and he’s expressly grateful to Karis. Next time you see her, let her know she’s officially JT’s hero!

Motel 6


JT thinks the COVID-19 virus is like a bad penny…it just won’t go away. We went through the original virus…then we faced newer strains. Now we are entering the Delta-variant phase. JT reads that we can expect the Delta variant to peak around Labor Day and end in October. That means another 90 days or so of masking…at the very least. He figures another variant is on the horizon and it looks like masking up is here for quite a while longer. (It’s probably not a bad idea to restock your supply.)

The more JT thinks about the card, with all the blank lines, he received upon his first Covid shot, the more he realizes “Somebody” knew additional boosters would be necessary for all the strains. It was just a sneaky way of telling us we’ll need more shots.


Just like parents have been working with …some call it re-training… their children to get ready for the start of school, JT also has a back to school routine. He started about two weeks ago to either avoid school zones or to actually observe his speed when going through school zones. He had forgotten how slow 15 MPH is…but it’s necessary. Another pre-school ritual is adjusting his time to hit the drive thru for coffee and a biscuit.

It would amaze you how many children get their breakfast there or at the donut shops. Just like crossing the Church Street Bridge during the lunch hour, it’s amazing the difference 15 or 20 minutes makes. Although JT’s got no children in school….he’s ready. He sure hopes schools can regain some “normalcy”…and a big thank you in advance to teachers and staff for what you do.